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Francis Piché


I help leaders like you master your mind
so you can master your life.

Your Desired Life is Just One CHOICE Away

Life brought you here for a reason. This is your sacred place. This is the place where you remember who you truly are. You know deep inside you that you are more than your circumstances. You have seen it before. You have seen your gifts in action. This remembrance is what brought you here. You are ready for a change, the irreversible revival that will reignite your life, your business and your relationships. 


You have lost battles, some of them were huge. It defined you for a while until NOW because you decided that it was enough. You decided to make a permanent shift and leave your self-limiting stories behind. You decided to embrace your fears and transcend them into your undeniable superpowers. You chose to create your own possibilities of Greatness.  You chose to surrender to life’s brilliance and to love. You decided to be devoted to YOU and choose what makes your heart come alive. 

You know that you have SO much more to offer.

You playing small might have protected for a while at times when you were hurt. Your self-protection began to block your progress and it doesn’t serve you any longer. In fact, it hurts you. You want to get unstuck. You want to unlock your potential again. You know now that you don’t want to be remembered for playing small in the Game of Life.


Chose to let go of the smaller version of you and commit to your highest potential. Chose to give up the conditioning that has held you back for so long. Chose to believe in a new narrative and walk the path of courage towards mind control and freedom.

Francis Piché Expert Mindset Coach

There is a HUGE cost associated with not having an OPTIMAL MINDSET.

Playing small doesn’t serve you anymore. You are ready to step into another realm. It is the realm of unlimited possibilities. It is the realm of pure creation. It is the realm that makes your heart come alive.
You heard the calling and you are looking for the match to light up your flame and bring the fire back in your life. I am your match.
You’re a bright light. I use it to transform your life. You are only one decision away. Your creations and magic moments awaits. Let’s stop the stress, the suffering, and the frustrations. Let’s stop you from stopping your possibilities to be alive.


My Tributes Speak For Our Work Together


Francis is a Resilience Mindset Coach Keynote Speaker Founder & CEO of Resilience Element and top sales performer with over 20 years of focused sales experience including Xerox International inspired by his passion to help people raise their success reignite their life remove their mental barriers and reawaken their inner power to support life and business results. 


He is on a mission to share his resilience revelation with the world and help others discover it for themselves with a dream to produce a documentary called The Resilience Element: A Matrix To Thrive containing inspiring and entertaining interviews with celebrities and remarkable leaders as they explore the ups downs do’s and don’ts on the journey to following your heart and making it big.


Francis has mastered advanced communication techniques that he uses to uncover the secrets of some of the world’s most successful and noteworthy individuals thanks to years of certifications and training with world-leading coaches such as:

  • Roger Love (Master Presenter & Voice of Success)

  • Tony Robbins (Unleash the Power Within)

  • Brendon Burchard (Experts Academy, World’s Greatest Speaker Training)

  • Bo Eason (Personal Story Power)

  • Steve Siebold (Bill Gove Speech Workshop)

  • Janice Bannister Boot Camp Stand-Up Comedy Level 1 and 2


His personal growth development curriculum includes:


  • Proctor Gallahger Certified Consultant of the Radical Transformation program, engineered by the acclaimed teachers Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, called Thinking Into Results

  • SOMA Breath Work Instructor 

  • Ultimate Elite Coaching from Anthony Robbins

  • 7 years of Life Coaching from Gary Mahler one of the world's top life coaches and a Be With Session with The Ultimate Coach, Steve Hardison.

  • Landmark Education (Forum, Advanced, Access To Power, Power To Create)

  • Landmark Seminars (The Commitment: The Pathway To Adventure, Money: From Concern to Freedom, An Invented Life.)

  • Dale Carnegie Effective Communications and Human Relations

  • Mindvalley’s A-Fest in Portugal, Jordan, Colombia & Mindvalley’s University in Croatia and Estonia 

  • Mindvalley’s 2-Day Intuition Training with The Silva Ultramind System

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Week Long Advanced Retreats in Mexico and Advanced Follow-Up Retreat in Marco Island

  • Vipassana 10-Day Silent Meditation in South Africa and over 115,000 minutes of meditation

  • Plant medicine healing with Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru and Costa Rica with 1Heart

  • Burning Man 2022: Waking Dreams

  • Zero-to-Dangerous - Neuroscience-Based Peak Performance - from Flow Research Collective 

  • edX Certificate The Foundations of Happiness at Work

  • edX Certificate The Science of Happiness

  • Mastering Positive Psychology Certificate from

  • Realizing Resilience Certificate from




Francis is dedicated and committed to deliver a powerful narrative to your audience, question their beliefs and raise their level of energy so that your people feel fully engaged, transformed and committed to reignite their life and reawaken their inner power to thrive in business.

A business meeting


Reigniting human performance, reducing mental barriers and reawakening people’s inner power to support life & business results.


“I am ALL IN to serve and your audience with passion and enthusiasm so that they are moved, touched and inspired to take action.”

~ Francis Piché


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Francis Piché, As seen
Francis Piché, As seen
Francis Piché, As seen
Francis Piché, As seen
Francis Piché, As seen
Francis Piché, As seen
Francis Piché, As seen
Francis Piché, As seen
Francis Piché, As seen


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