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Your Life & Business Reawakened.

“I am ALL IN to serve your audience with passion and enthusiasm so that they are moved, touched and inspired to take action.”

~ Francis Piché

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Francis is dedicated and committed to deliver a powerful narrative to your audience, question their beliefs and raise their level of energy so that your people feel fully engaged, transformed and committed to reignite their life and reawaken their inner power to thrive in business.


Francis has mastered advanced communication techniques that he uses to uncover the secrets of some of the world’s most successful and noteworthy individuals thanks to year of certifications and training with world-leading coaches such as:

  • Roger Love (Master Presenter & Voice of Success)

  • Tony Robbins (Unleash the Power Within)

  • Brendon Burchard (Experts Academy, World’s Greatest Speaker Training)

  • Bo Eason (Personal Story Power)

  • Steve Siebold (Bill Gove Speech Workshop)

  • Janice Bannister, Boot Camp Stand-Up Comedy Level 1 and 2

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Francis’ love for speaking and communicating powerful messages to his audience have been recognized numerous times through his Toastmaster’s International and Humorous Contests wins as Communicator of The Year. Francis has also received the Highest Award for Achievement from the 12-week Dale Carnegie Course Effective Communications and Human Relations.

His personal growth development and life experiences includes:


- Proctor Gallahger Certified Consultant of the Radical Transformation program, engineered by the acclaimed teachers Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, called Thinking Into Results

- SOMA Breath Work Instructor 

- Ultimate Elite Coaching from Anthony Robbins

- 7 years of Life Coaching from Gary Mahler one of the world's top life coaches and a Be With Session with The Ultimate Coach, Steve Hardison.

- Landmark Education (Forum, Advanced, Access To Power, Power To Create)

- Dale Carnegie Effective Communications and Human Relations and winner of the Highest Award for Achievement. Assistant Business Coach for the 12-week program. 

- Zero-to-Dangerous - Neuroscience-Based Peak Performance - from Flow Research Collective

- Mastering Positive Psychology Certificate from

- Realizing Resilience Certificate from

edX Certificate The Foundations of Happiness at Work

- edX Certificate The Science of Happiness

Mindvalley’s A-Fest in Portugal, Jordan, Colombia & Mindvalley’s University in Croatia and Estonia 

- Mindvalley’s 2-Day Intuition Training with The Silva Ultramind System

- Vipassana 10-Day Silent Meditation in South Africa and over 115,000 minutes of meditation

- Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Week Long Advanced Retreats in Mexico and Advanced Follow-Up Retreat in Marco Island

- Plant medicine healing with Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru and Costa Rica with 1Heart

- Burning Man 2022: Waking Dreams

- Trade Mission in Argentina

- Studying Business Administration in Sweden for one semester

- Competing for the NCSC (National Collegiate Sales Competition) Texas USA

- Rookie of the Year & 2nd Sales Rank in Canadian Eastern CBU at Xerox Canada

- Moving from Montreal and living in Vancouver for over 12 years

- Working as a Real Estate professional for 7 years

- Obtaining his E2 VISA to invest and work in USA

- Founder and CEO of Resilience Global Media, a tech start-up focused on mental wellness and human performance.

- Author of "Awakening The Viking Within" from the Amazon International Best-Selling book Ignite your Inner Spirit. Get your FREE DOWNLOAD of his chapter HERE​

- Author of "Reawakening Your Creator Within" from the Amazon International Best-Selling book Ignite Possibilities. Get your FREE DOWNLOAD of his chapter HERE

- Travelling to 34 countries


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Reawaken your inner power to thrive in life and business.

Let go of the smaller version of you and commit to your highest potential. Chose to give up the conditioning that held you back for so long. Chose to believe in a new narrative and remove your barriers of success. Chose to shift your mindset and create unlimited possibilities to access freedom and happiness. Let's start. Now!

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Be the element that outperforms and emerges from any disruptive environment!

Resilience is a practice of bouncing forward no matter the obstacles and challenges you face. This Group Coaching program is designed to help you understand and build resilience components so that you can live your life and thrive.

Learn how to remove your mental barriers and reawaken your inner power to thrive.

WHAT will YOU get?

  • The 5 Components of Highly Resilient People – comprehensive review.

  • How to change your life with an empowering narrative.

  • Create a new reality model with the power of your language.

  • How to prime yourself for success to cope with any challenge.

  • How to generate a compelling vision in 7 categories of your life.

  • How to nurture certainty of your desired outcomes in life.

  • How to keep your goals on track and stop procrastinating.

  • How to cultivate courage when time gets tough and when you feel stuck.

  • How to manage your emotions with brio so you can respond instead of reacting.

  • How to embrace fear and unlock your inner power to become more engaged, creative, performant, joyful, playful unleashing your unlimited power.

  • The dos & don’ts of creating a life of mastery.

  • The art of living a fulfilling life.

  • Direct experience of making your heart come alive.


  • Seven 60-minute educational & interactive Group Zoom Coaching calls.

  • Seven 60-minute Q&A + interactive Group Zoom coaching calls.

  • Membership Site & mobile app all-time access with archived videos, worksheets & exercises. 

  • Private supportive community.

"The Resilience strategies I invested in with Francis helped me launch my Podcast, publish my book, and stay accountable for other important projects that impact my business. Smart people invest in time saving tools and Francis' program is one of those tools."

~ London Porter, HR Senior Certified Professional

Group Coaching
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