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Reawaken Your Inner Power


“Your breath is sacred, don’t waste it. Live your life fearlessly from the heart and use your voice.”  ~ Francis Piché | Awakening The Viking Within

The difference between true creators and hopeful people is their commitment to excellence.

Personally, I found the best way to commit to excellence in any area of my life was through a coach. I love to have someone who believes in me and who guides me towards excellence. I love having someone who holds me accountable for a bigger vision. I love someone who doesn’t believe in the negative stories I tell myself that harm my success and my business. A great coach doesn’t believe in the fears that holds you back.


I work with clients who understand the power of integrity and their words. Their words create their world and they are the foundation of all of their creations.


All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and is non-refundable. If you choose to quit for any reason all compensation will go directly to The Resilience Element documentary or to a charity of Francis’s choice.

I am ALL IN to serve my clients and I expect the same commitment from them to co-create magic.

I care about my clients and I am unapologetic. I am not afraid to be high flame. I won’t give you what you want to hear and I commit to always give you what you need to hear. I don’t play in the middle. I play ALL IN.


I will work with those who are:

  • Committed

  • Ready to make a big impact in the world

  • Inspiring

  • Determined

  • Fun

If you are that person and you are ready to make a meaningful change in your life, business and relationship, apply below.


My coaching programs range from 3-month intensives to 1-year retainers.

Click the button below to apply for a Breakthrough Discovery Call with Francis. 

Learn about the transformation and creations that are possible in your life.

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I grew to understand that a Viking is unapologetic and isn’t afraid to be embarrassed or look bad. His vulnerability is also his power. He is living his life fully and completely as he knows he might not be alive tomorrow. Every breath counts. I realized my chance. It was my time to stop playing small. It had looked like I played big but in reality I was always afraid to do the ultimate jump of using my voice to make a global impact with a message of resilience. I realized that the responsibility is solely on me. No one to blame anymore. It’s all in on me. Now I understand that, my abundance, my happiness and my joy come from within me and me only. I am the Viking captain of my own ship and I am honouring how I use my breath - I am no longer wasting it. I invite you to do the same dear Warriors and Goddesses because you are worth it and it’s our birthright. I know this because I am the one who extinguished my own flame while I still had oxygen left.


What’s preventing us from doing anything we want in life? Nothing but fear. We know this truth, yet we don’t always transcend it. Why? Fear is not real because it only lives in our imagined future that hasn’t happened yet. Fear doesn’t exist “now”. Fear is still present in my life, but I have just got better at transcending it. As I’ve discovered, It takes courage to move through fear and once I understood that my breath is fragile and that all suffering is a self-inflicted creation, I realized how free I am. Today, I choose to follow my heart and I reap my harvest called freedom!


If you wish to fulfil your dreams, the real question for you now is this: If you knew that God, the Universe or Pachamama was ‘breathing you’ and you only had five years left to live, who would you become my dear friend? Use your time. Don’t waste it. Express your gifts and reawaken your inner power to serve your community! The world is waiting for you. The time is now!


~ Excerpt from the book Ignite Your Inner Spirit



Do you believe you can 


There is a reason why you are here. Whatever that is, you know there is more.

You've seen those people who are living an amazing life - with passion, with love, and conquer every obstacle and challenge that comes their way.

Ever think, how? How do they do it?

Join this FREE online training to learn 5 words I've studied to reawaken your inner power today!

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